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New Icon Packs

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Web Cartoon thumbnails

Web Cartoon Icons Pack

41 icons, by Ann Shlyapnikova
The icons in Web Cartoon icons pack are base, box, bubble, cancel, chrome, color, delicious, download, edit, facebook, favorite, firefox, flickr, globe, help, icq, idea, image, info, itunes, label, mac, mail and etc. Icons.
Free Smiles thumbnails

Free Smiles Icons Pack

11 icons, by Khodjaev Stanislav
The icons in Free Smiles icons pack are smile, emotion, emoticon, happy, smile 005, smile 006, smile 007, smile 008, smile 009, smile 010 Icons.
Awesome Twitter thumbnails

Awesome Twitter Icons Pack

7 icons, by Jeremie Tisseau
The icons in Awesome Twitter icons pack are break, egg, break the egg 512px, head, down, descend Icons.
Microserfs Blox thumbnails

Microserfs Blox Icons Pack

37 icons, by Dave Brasgalla
The icons in Microserfs Blox icons pack are folder, shared, sys, trash, full, blue, four, six, Blue Six, two, Blue Two, flat, Folder, green, red, Red Four, Red Six (flat), Red Six, Red Two (flat), Red Two and etc. Icons.
Archigraphs Collection thumbnails

Archigraphs Collection Icons Pack

11 icons, by Archigraphs
The icons in Archigraphs Collection icons pack are bin, open, coffee, espresso, house, iphone, lava, red, couch, little Icons.
Apple Desktop Collection thumbnails

Apple Desktop Collection Icons Pack

29 icons, by Corey Marion
The icons in Apple Desktop Collection icons pack are anniversary, series, 4400, 500 series, 5000 series, 600 6000 Series, 630, 800 8000 series, 9000 series, all, apple, apple II, iic, iigs, iii, classic, colorclassic and etc. Icons.
TRANQUILITI thumbnails


41 icons, by Supratim Nayak
The icons in TRANQUILITI icons pack are calendar, capsule, cd, small, cmd, computer, laptop, file, doc, engineering, html, note, ppt, text, xl, xml, folder, folder doc, golden, inaccessible, pic, silver, upload and etc. Icons.
Japanese Tradition thumbnails

Japanese Tradition Icons Pack

6 icons, by Iconshock
The icons in Japanese Tradition icons pack are japan, Japan 2, Japan 3, Japan 4, Japan 5 Icons.
World of Copland: 5 thumbnails

World of Copland: 5 Icons Pack

64 icons, by The Iconfactory
The icons in World of Copland: 5 icons pack are mkii, superdisk, 8, man, rose, woman, big, box, opened, circle, round, circle 3, cone, crayon, cubist, dave, diary, dreamcast, fender, foundation, generic, globe, grand and etc. Icons.
Firefox thumbnails

Firefox Icons Pack

3 icons, by Jairo Boudewyn
The icons in Firefox icons pack are firefox, pre Icons.
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