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Places Icons

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Japanese Tradition thumbnails

Japanese Tradition Icons Pack

6 icons, by Iconshock
The icons in Japanese Tradition icons pack are japan, Japan 2, Japan 3, Japan 4, Japan 5 Icons.
GIS/GPS/MAP thumbnails

GIS/GPS/MAP Icons Pack

24 icons, by Icons-Land
The icons in GIS/GPS/MAP icons pack are airport, bank, bulbgrey, carrepair, catholictemple, containerred, flag, leftblack, rightgreen, green, leftred, rightblue, Flag3RightBlue2, gasstation and etc. Icons.
Icon Shop thumbnails

Icon Shop Icons Pack

5 icons, by Blaugrana-tez
The icons in Icon Shop icons pack are coffee, store, iconmart, record Icons.
Tourism thumbnails

Tourism Icons Pack

7 icons, by Iconka
The icons in Tourism icons pack are bigben, colosseum, egypt, eiffel, liberty, tajmahal Icons.
Pixel House thumbnails

Pixel House Icons Pack

4 icons, by Ann Shlyapnikova
The icons in Pixel House icons pack are house, house 2, house 3 Icons.
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