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Phone Icons

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iPhones thumbnails

iPhones Icons Pack

17 icons, by Harwen
The icons in iPhones icons pack are apple, iphone, broken, mobile phone, barbeque, cell phone, smartphone, paint, 2, footbal, map, 5, mail, attack, 8, 9 Icons.
OPENPHONE thumbnails


13 icons, by Walrick
The icons in OPENPHONE icons pack are browser, calculator, calendar, chat, clock, graph, ipod, map, note, phone, setting, weather Icons.
Upojenie thumbnails

Upojenie Icons Pack

58 icons, by Gert Jan
The icons in Upojenie icons pack are app, bible, calculator, calendar, Calendar, camera, clock, Clock, closebox, compass, Compass, contact, cydia, Cydia, echofon, evernote, Evernote, facebook, flashlight and etc. Icons.
Event People thumbnails

Event People Icons Pack

8 icons, by DaPino
The icons in Event People icons pack are balloon, black, clown, harlequin, red, heart, trumpet Icons.
iPhone 4 Mini thumbnails

iPhone 4 Mini Icons Pack

41 icons, by Jack Cai
The icons in iPhone 4 Mini icons pack are iphone, mini, black, iphone 4 mini black 04, iphone 4 mini black 05, iphone 4 mini black 06, iphone 4 mini black 07, iphone 4 mini black 08 and etc. Icons.
Android thumbnails

Android Icons Pack

The icons in Android icons pack are barcode, cards, graph, time, weather, colour, chat, dice, cd, equalizer, filter, flag, power, planet, funny, large, tip, favorite, magnet, screen, note, pie, ruler, cry and etc. Icons.
Mobile Phone thumbnails

Mobile Phone Icons Pack

11 icons, by IconShock
The icons in Mobile Phone icons pack are acer, apple, blackberry, htc, fathom, microsoft, motorola, nokia, samsung, sony Icons.
iPhone Toolbar thumbnails

iPhone Toolbar Icons Pack

65 icons, by
The icons in iPhone Toolbar icons pack are alarm, arrowdown, arrowleft, arrowright, arrowup, bank, briefcase, calculator, camera, clapboard, clock, connection, credit, database, delete, delivery and etc. Icons.
Aluminum thumbnails

Aluminum Icons Pack

35 icons, by AmbitDesigns
The icons in Aluminum icons pack are aim, calculator, calendar, camera, clock, compass, contact, cydia, facebook, idisk, ifile, ipod, itunes, mail, map, message, mxtube, netnewswire, note, pandora and etc. Icons.
Round Theme thumbnails

Round Theme Icons Pack

106 icons, by kon
The icons in Round Theme icons pack are pro, aim, app, store, balanceca, beejiveim, bejeweled, biiballlite, bossprefsalt, bossprefs, breakclassiclite, bubble, calculator, alt, board, calendaralt and etc. Icons.
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