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Business Icons

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FRESH Add-on thumbnails

FRESH Add-on Icons Pack

60 icons, by IconEden
The icons in FRESH Add-on icons pack are lightning, coin, money, dollar, euro, add, thunder, plus, shop, door, auction, cursor, guitar, balance, hat, pig, 17, volume, cloud, chart, house, 22, cash, sunny, ruler and etc. Icons.
Security thumbnails

Security Icons Pack

5 icons, by Aha-Soft
The icons in Security icons pack are locked, login, safe, secrecy Icons.
Payment Method thumbnails

Payment Method Icons Pack

7 icons, by Iconshock
The icons in Payment Method icons pack are check, google, master card, paypal, visa, wire Icons.
The Graphs thumbnails

The Graphs Icons Pack

7 icons, by Goce Mitevski
The icons in The Graphs icons pack are going, down, going up, up, two, three Icons.
Shopping Icons thumbnails

Shopping Icons Icons Pack

14 icons, by
The icons in Shopping Icons icons pack are 1, 10, 11, 12, 13, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 Icons.
Kaching eCommerce Icons thumbnails

Kaching eCommerce Icons Icons Pack

The icons in Kaching eCommerce Icons icons pack are auction, badge, calculator, cash, change, credit, card, cards, delivery, gift, hot, lock, offer, partner, paypal, paypal, quality, registrator, save, shopping, cart and etc. Icons.
Paperbag thumbnails

Paperbag Icons Pack

8 icons, by pica-ae
The icons in Paperbag icons pack are paperbag, brown, green, grey, orange, purple, Paperbag Icons.
Chalkwork Payments thumbnails

Chalkwork Payments Icons Pack

127 icons, by Dave Shea
The icons in Chalkwork Payments icons pack are card, amex, remove, secure, share, pay, back, edit, payment, left, prev, backward, chip, gold, check out, credit card, Card Chip (Gold) (Share), Card Chip (Gold) and etc. Icons.
E-Commerce thumbnails

E-Commerce Icons Pack

10 icons, by
The icons in E-Commerce icons pack are commerce, credit, ecommerce, empty, shopping, new, secure, bag, cart Icons.
Project thumbnails

Project Icons Pack

14 icons, by Deziner Folio
The icons in Project icons pack are address, bar, calendar, conference, contact, document, draft, mail, marker, milestone, clipboard, portfolio, todo Icons.
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